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Test Automation Days May 24 & 25, 2023 – Convention Centre WTC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Datumwoensdag 24 mei 2023
Tijd09:00 - 21:00u
LocatieConvention Centre WTC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Convention Centre WTC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Beursplein 37, 3011 AA Rotterdam

Test Automation Days May 24 & 25, 2023 – Convention Centre WTC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Test Automation Days will take place on May 24 & 25 in Rotterdam. The central theme is Challenge Accepted! Across the Spectrum of TA, the challenges for test automation are clear: How can Test Automation (TA) contribute to delivering reliable and high-quality software as quickly as possible? We are part of that fast-changing world: The complexity increases not just in IT, but the systems and tools that support us.

We have to manage new technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) which has an impact on TA; to support our testing but also in itself is a technology that needs to be tested!

As well as the technology part, you also have to deal with the interhuman part: how do we handle the rising expectations of TA and a myriad of different available tools such as AI? The challenges are all around us, and we want your stories. How do you work in highly complex environments and how does TA support you? How do you collaborate with colleagues to deliver TA on a higher level? How do you test new technology? We like to hear how you took on these challenges, found solutions, dealt with impediments, or better still, how failure gave you new insights.

Conference set-up
Test Automation Days is a unique two day conference focused on test automation.

The first day will be focused on opportunities for the attendees to learn by doing! A tutorial/workshop day full of half-day workshops, where tools, technologies and innovative practices flourish! The workshops will give novice, medium-experienced and advanced test automation engineers the opportunity to gain and share their experiences.

The second day will be focused on exchanging ideas and tips through keynote lectures, talks and presentations. All presented by test automation professionals from their work experience.

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In the last decade Test Automation Days has proven to be the key meeting place for the international test automation community. A two day conference filled with innovative and transforming talks, workshops and hands-on experiences. Discover the most up-to-date techniques and test tools, network with software testing professionals and learn from world’s leading test automation experts.

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