European Testing Conference 2018

 Amsterdam Arena, Netherlands 19-20 February 2018


Testing is important. This conference is about getting experts and practitioners together to talk, learn and practice the art of testing. We’re looking into advanced new methods into making our testing more effective, as well as enrich our understanding of fundamental methods to grow a stronger community.

We’re tired of conferences that feel more like sales pitches than practitioners sharing the craft.

Come. Learn. Do. Teach. Test.


European Testing Conference (ETC) mission is to build a practical conference that raises the bar in the testing world.

For our participants, we bring together testing from developer and tester perspectives in a practice-oriented package in a dialog culture, aiming for mutual learning of how testing can be done in practice.

For our speakers, we work against the trend of having to pay for speaking. We start with paying expenses of travel and accommodation and have a profit-sharing model for all the speakers. We believe paying for speaking attracts the best stories and talent. Our approach to choosing speakers is collaborative: we speak with our candidates and help with the right message for us.

For the software (testing) community in large, we work to financially support speakers of other conferences with travel scholarships and offering our connections to prospective speakers with local communities as well as mentoring to improve as speakers. We believe paying for speaking block diversity of voices and want to promote and enable a variety of voices.

The conference is brought to you from the starting ideas of Adi Bolboacă (Developer from Romania) and Maaret Pyhäjärvi (Tester from Finland). We partner with local organizations to organize the annual conference. We welcome the software community to contribute in organizing a people-oriented hands-on conference.

As a TestNet member you will receive a 10% discount.

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